Filk Radio was basically no more, so there was no internet outlet specifically for Filk. Sure there is a lot of Filk on You Tube, but there is so much other stuff you have to wade through to find it.

So how about a podcast? He had a fairly sizable collection. Probably not enough to carry on too long, but he could get more if the podcast took off.

And it did. His first episode, he would have been happy with twenty five - fifty listens. It got over one hundred. As of the writing of this, that first episode has had three hundred sixty plus listens. And over twelve thousand listens total for the sixty plus episodes out there now.

It can now be heard weekly, both as a podcast download, and Wednesdays on Krypton Radio. The podcast consists of filk of all kinds, from traditional, to Myth Punk, to Wizard Rock, to Nerd Core, to Hip Hop, to Filk Adjacent and much, much more! Always looking for new music, Eric tries to spread the music of filkers worldwide in one place to let more voices be heard through the magic of the internet. For the second year he is going to play all of the music nominated for Pegasus Awards, over three shows. And he keeps playing the best of old and new Filk.

Oh, and his collection has exploded. He has purchased a lot of new CDs, MP3s, and in mid 2020, he was gifted with lots of rips of old tapes, bringing venerable treasures in filk back out into the light.

FilkCast continues through the quarantine. As does Cheshire Moon. They play a weekly show on You Tube, and Eric does a nightly improv session on his Facebook page, sometimes alone, sometimes with Lizzie. And they are still writing a lot of songs. Almost two albums worth at the moment.

He started as a punk rock kid. His passion for music has only grown. In his sixties, he continues to push the boundaries. So many people make their best music when they are young, and never grow past that. Eric is determined to continue to grow and expand, and to keep making better music.