Cheshire Moon

He had met Lizzie two years before, at a Duckon. In 2011, they played their first show, at a Duckon. It was part of the reason he gave up drums, he didn't want to lose playing stringed instruments.

After a few years playing with Toyboat, Eric started writing music that didn't fit the band, nor did it fit his solo persona. He wasn't sure what to do with this music, until one Friday evening at WindyCon 2010 when a young woman he'd met the previous DuckCon (Thank you, SJ Tucker!) shared a song From Final Fantasy IX in the Filk Circle (thank you, Tom Smith!). After a few emails, they performed together for the first time the following Capricon, 2010.

Their musical relationship bloomed into much more. Over the next nine years Cheshire Moon played all over the Midwest, on both coasts and in Canada and England. 5 full length albums and 4 EP's later, their 10th wedding anniversary will be August 6th, 2021.

They have been GOHs at several Filk Cons, and it was on the way home from OVFF that Eric had an idea ...